Exciting News!

We have launched our DHill Financial Partner Rewards member program.

It is essential for us to show our appreciation for you, and we are grateful for your loyalty. That’s why we have created this Rewards Program, where you can get some of your favorite DHill swag!

You can start earning points today and take advantage of all the great rewards we have to offer. Each reward has a $10 value which you can apply towards DHill swag of your choosing!

We look forward to seeing you in some awesome DHill merch!

There are many ways to earn credits. This is how you do it!

  • Add an Additional Line of Insurance Protection with DHill
  • Renew Existing Group Insurance Coverage with DHill
  • Referring Someone to DHill
  • Referrals Which Turn into a New Client
  • Find a DHill Sticker and share on Social with #DHillYPFL
  • Sharing a DHill MEME on Social with the tag #dhillmeme
  • Share a Photo of someone in DHill Merch on Social with the tag #dhillmerch
  • Leave an online review for DHill Financial
  • Special Client Appreciation / Events
  • Special Contest Share on Social media with #DHillRewards

*Some restrictions apply