Meet Michael, new business owner excited about the beginnings of the journey. He was referred to DHill Financial by his accountant and attorney as they worked through the process to set-up the new business. Michael has health insurance through his spouse and recently hired his first employee with a need for health insurance and a desire for other company benefits.
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Entrepreneur & Business Owner
Meet Miranda, Human Resources Manager at her current company. She came to DHill searching for new options for employee benefits, and a team who could provide timely plan support. We presented a solution for Miranda that her company had previously never been offered. We provided the company with the desired benefits while meeting their tight budget!
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Human Resource Manager
Meet Miles, established leader of his organization for many years. He has been building his business with an eye towards the future. His main goals when we met were to make sure his people felt valued and appreciated, and to plan a successful transition of the business to a new generation of leadership at the company allowing his vision to continue for a future generation.
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Established CEO

Meet David Hillelsohn

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Facing the future requires keen knowledge of the past. At DHill Financial, LLC we leverage decades of insurance industry experience to develop a proprietary approach to insurance solutions for small business owners. Founded in 2016, our mission is to nourish long term partnerships with clients developing institutional knowledge about every client to optimize plan performance and help all employees feel valued. DHill’s vision is to create a stronger community, reinforcing core values which include meeting responsibility and doing for others, with open conversation and transparency.
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Company Benefits

Setting up a small group health insurance plan for the first time can be accomplished with three simple steps. Our team of health insurance specialists assists start-up companies through the selection and implementation process of their first medical plans, and established companies of 20 employees who want a more dedicated relationship with their insurance partner.


Life Insurance

We make promises every day, life insurance is one of the ways we commit to keeping those promises. For business owners, life insurance can be an important tool to take care of key employees both for the business, and to highlight the value a key member provides to your company as a tool for retention. Let a trained DHill advisor build a life insurance portfolio that adapts to your needs over your lifetime.


Income Protection for Sales Leaders

High performing sales executives have unique income protection needs, and an unwavering level of confidence in their ability to continue to earn a high income. Group Long Term Disability plans often cover base salary, and Group LTD may have limits on income protection which doesn’t address the true earning potential for sales leaders. When you are the asset, protecting your earning potential matters.

Finding Your Voice in Every Stage of Life

DHill is an independent broker, accessing insurance companies through nationally recognized wholesale firms, to offer thought leadership and best in class support. There is no added cost in working with us as a broker, and we remain independent, able to provide unbiased advice and represent our client’s interests when it matters most. We prioritize building strong relationships with insurance company partners putting our clients in the strongest position to succeed. We believe that the right mix of benefits will contribute to a longer, happier life, let’s discuss the best mix for you.


Speak to David Hillelsohn

It takes just a few minutes to know if your insurance plans have you heading in the right direction.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance – covers the cost of medical services provided by doctors, in hospitals and urgent care centers. Three main types of medical plans include high-deductible Health Savings Accounts, high-deductible plans with office visit co-pays, and low-deductible plans with lower out of pocket limits.

DHill Philosophy: choosing the right network option lowers the cost of health insurance coverage.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance – provides a death benefit to replace future earning potential and to cover specific financial needs in the event of death. Life Insurance would aide in college funding, covering home expenses, loan repayment, new investment, estate planning, and to further philanthropic goals.

DHill Philosophy: ladder term life insurance policies to address a reducing need for income replacement.

Profit Sharing / Employee Retention

Profit Sharing / Employee Retention – developing a strategy to reward and retain key employees is vital to a company’s long-term growth and success. Life Insurance is a tool to reward key employees and show the commitment behind a profit-sharing strategy without giving up equity ownership.

DHill Philosophy: make a promise for tomorrow and for today while increasing value in the company assets.

Disability Income

Disability Income – pays a monthly benefit to cover day to day expenses in the event of disability and you are unable to work. Loss of income due to injury or an extended illness can be covered with a disability insurance plan, limiting the disruption to the budget and the family in a time of need.

DHill Philosophy: get a plan with rates guaranteed over your lifetime that you can keep until retirement.

Vision Benefits

Vision Benefits – coverage for eye exams and eyewear to support improved vision including vision lenses, eyewear frames, and contact lenses. Vision exams and services are separate from medical insurance and can be vital for early detection of major health impairments like diabetes.

DHill Philosophy: look for anti-glare benefits and select a vision plan that allows annual access to benefits.

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance – covers the cost of dental services with network and out-of-network benefits available. Plans may include regular cleanings and bitewing exams along with coverage for major services like crowns, inlays, outlays, and veneers subject to coverage limits.

DHill Philosophy: Look for plans which allow you to roll-over unused benefits from one year to the next for when you need them!

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance – covers the added cost of hiring a home healthcare aide or going into a nursing home or assisted living facility if custodial care is needed. Custodial care is assistance with day-to-day activities like bathing, dressing, and eating or supervision due to cognitive impairment.

DHill Philosophy: you will want some long-term care insurance or a hybrid long term care insurance policy.

Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement – health insurance for people aged 65 and older typically starts with Medicare. A Medicare Supplement policy covers the 20% of expenses Medicare doesn’t cover along with some of the deductibles included with Medicare; subject to plan selection. Prescription coverage is separate.

DHill Philosophy: Choose a Medicare Supplement policy with dental/vision that doesn’t re-price if you move.