Benefits for 20 Person Companies.

Maintaining a competitive compensation package takes focus away from running your business. Employers are looking for an insurance partner who can maintain benefit plans which respond to changing employee needs, find savings where available to manage health plan spending, and be available to explain benefits and help employees with questions. If you’re ready to set up a new plan, or just want a more attentive team to support your existing insurance plans, we can talk through options. From our first conversation, you will feel what it’s like to have a partner for life

Where to Start with Your First Hire

Congratulations on your first new hire! Many employers are eligible for medical coverage from other sources, hiring a full time W-2 employee often creates a desire to set up benefits for the first time. Small group medical plan choices are broad, and our team can compare plans side-by-side from different insurance plan providers and help design a selection of benefits that fit your goal and the budget. Employees can be directly in touch with our team for benefit explanation prior to enrolling, and once covered under the plan to keep you focused on growing your business.

What to Expect from DHill Financial


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Health Insurance

Health Insurance – covers the cost of medical services provided by doctors, in hospitals and urgent care centers. Three main types of medical plans include high-deductible Health Savings Accounts, high-deductible plans with office visit co-pays, and low-deductible plans with lower out of pocket limits.

DHill Philosophy: choosing the right network option lowers the cost of health insurance coverage.

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance – covers the cost of dental services with network and out-of-network benefits available. Plans may include regular cleanings and bitewing exams along with coverage for major services like crowns, inlays, outlays, and veneers subject to coverage limits.

DHill Philosophy: Look for plans which allow you to roll-over unused benefits from one year to the next for when you need them!

Vision Benefits

Vision Benefits – coverage for eye exams and eyewear to support improved vision including vision lenses, eyewear frames, and contact lenses. Vision exams and services are separate from medical insurance and can be vital for early detection of major health impairments like diabetes.

DHill Philosophy: look for anti-glare benefits and select a vision plan that allows annual access to benefits.

Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement – health insurance for people aged 65 and older typically starts with Medicare. A Medicare Supplement policy covers the 20% of expenses Medicare doesn’t cover along with some of the deductibles included with Medicare; subject to plan selection. Prescription coverage is separate.

DHill Philosophy: Choose a Medicare Supplement policy with dental/vision that doesn’t re-price if you move.