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Business owners utilize life insurance in a variety of ways to meet their day-to-day operational needs and with a view of long-range sustainability for the business. Group life insurance offered to employees is a foundation of protection for families and is an opportunity to highlight the importance of employee overall welfare. Life Insurance at the corporate level can be used for collateral assignment when negotiating loan terms, as an executive benefit with deferred compensation implications, as a line of credit for the business or to buy-out a partner for business succession.

Key-Person Life Insurance for Business

Great people are the lifeblood of any successful organization. Key people in your company contribute significantly to sales, and often possess specialized experience and training; losing a team member who possesses these special characteristics could have a devastating impact to the business. Key-person life insurance replaces lost income lost due to the loss of a vital member of the company and provides the resources to find a replacement. Life Insurance can also be used to incent a key person to stay.

Buy-Sell Funding with Life Insurance

When a business has multiple business owners, a buy-sell agreement helps address what happens in the event an owner can no longer perform the duties of the job. Buy-Sell agreements may include provisions of responsibility in the event of the death of an owner, or in the event of an extended disability, and insurance proceeds provide the liquidity to purposefully purchase shares from the heirs. The right life insurance plan can save a business, the best plan might also answer the question… “What if you live?!?”

DHill Financial Philosophy on Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a powerful tool to help meet responsibilities and demonstrate the importance of fulfilling obligations while doing for and thinking about others. Most people want to leave the world better than we found it, and life insurance provides us with this opportunity. At DHill Financial, we believe that the primary role of life insurance is income replacement and debt repayment. We also believe in having some life insurance at every stage of life, it’s our last opportunity to say…


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Life Insurance

Life Insurance – provides a death benefit to replace future earning potential and to cover specific financial needs in the event of death. Life Insurance would aide in college funding, covering home expenses, loan repayment, new investment, estate planning, and to further philanthropic goals.

DHill Philosophy: ladder term life insurance policies to address a reducing need for income replacement.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance – covers the cost of medical services provided by doctors, in hospitals and urgent care centers. Three main types of medical plans include high-deductible Health Savings Accounts, high-deductible plans with office visit co-pays, and low-deductible plans with lower out of pocket limits.

DHill Philosophy: choosing the right network option lowers the cost of health insurance coverage.

Profit Sharing / Employee Retention

Profit Sharing / Employee Retention – developing a strategy to reward and retain key employees is vital to a company’s long-term growth and success. Life Insurance is a tool to reward key employees and show the commitment behind a profit-sharing strategy without giving up equity ownership.

DHill Philosophy: make a promise for tomorrow and for today while increasing value in the company assets.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance – covers the added cost of hiring a home healthcare aide or going into a nursing home or assisted living facility if custodial care is needed. Custodial care is assistance with day-to-day activities like bathing, dressing, and eating or supervision due to cognitive impairment.

DHill Philosophy: you will want some long-term care insurance or a hybrid long term care insurance policy.