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Entrepreneur & Business Owner

Meet Michael

Michael is a new business owner excited about the start of a new journey and was referred to DHill Financial by their accountant and attorney as they work through the process to establish the business. Michael receives his health insurance through his spouse and had recently hired his first employee with a need for health insurance and a desire for other company benefits. We quickly evaluated health insurance plan options, and then included the new hire in the final decisions and plan selections. During implementation, it was clear that dental insurance and vision benefits were necessary, and we discussed timelines for future benefit solutions to include life insurance, disability benefits, and retirement plan options as the business continued to grow.

Primary Needs: Benefit offerings which attract and retain the ideal employees, keep profits up, continue business growth

Pain Points: Complicated bureaucracy of insurance company relationship management, best plans for lowest cost

Meet Miranda

Miranda was referred to DHill Financial by another insurance agent due to the desire for improved response times from their insurance partner when processing new hire enrollments, and timely coverage terminations of employee coverage when needed. While we were introduced to assist with the dental plan, Miranda quickly found confidence in working with the DHill Financial team as a single source for all of their Company Benefits. Since engagement began, Miranda has made major improvements to the medical plan, started receiving needed COBRA support, replaced the previous dental plan with a richer dental plan at lower cost, values the streamlined enrollment for all product lines and she knows we care about her team.

Primary Needs: Faster response times, assistance managing health and welfare plans, stay current with benefit trends

Pain Points: Providing value-driven benefit plans, minimize internal plan management, avoid compliance complaints


Human Resources Manager


Established CEO

Meet Miles

Miles has been building his business with an eye towards the future. One of his main goals when we met was a successful transition of the business to a new generation of leadership at the company allowing his vision to continue for a future generation. While his company offered group life insurance to all of the employees, he wanted to take additional steps to offer benefits which addressed the unique needs of the key employees, especially those who might be part of his succession plan. Together we developed a plan to provide additional life insurance to the key team members which built a cash value over time. The additional life insurance provided meaningful benefit for the family today, and Miles maintained control over the plan and cash until the transition.

Primary Needs: Business succession planning, key people development, attracting and retaining top industry talent

Pain Points: Uncertainty whether the business can grow without them, proper incentives aligned with company goals


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