Our Dedicated Mission

The foundation of our insurance practice is an unwavering commitment to your success. We are not the hero you meet along the way who comes to save the day, we are simply a trusted guide with expertise you can utilize along your journey to become the hero of your own story. Every hero needs people they can count on in times of need, and it’s that partnership which you can rely on from DHill Financial during every phase of life. We design innovative insurance plans based upon our decades of experience as an insurance wholesaler and now as an insurance broker specifically designed for the needs of the small business owner and their valued team members.


Continuing education is a priority for our team, providing our insurance counselors with a competitive intelligence advantage in the marketplace to keep ahead of industry trends and market demand. We make this commitment to education and training as it builds inspired confidence for our clients as they select insurance programs which align with their goals and yields a deep understanding of the philosophy behind these decisions. Our mission is to create a safe environment to talk about what is important to you, or even more importantly, what may keep you up at night. When you know you have a partner by your side, we’ll both enjoy a better night of rest.

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“Insurance is more than a promise to provide for others; it’s an opportunity to demonstrate the importance of meeting responsibilities, elevating the role of community, and creating an environment where we prioritize doing for others. If you’re not sure how to reinforce your core values, let’s have a conversation. I think we can help.”
David Hillelsohn, CEO & Founder of DHill

Step 01

Listening to You

Every great relationship is built on good communication. Our process starts with a conversation about you. Who you are, where you are headed, and who is important to you along the way?!? We might discuss what role insurance has played in your life, how you make insurance purchasing decisions, why you believe you need insurance today, and who are the stakeholders in the conversation. This conversation provides the insights needed to go to market for a solution.

Step 02

Develop a Strategy

We access insurance products through wholesaling organizations in each of our primary product lines. This offers us access to specialized expertise and allows us to develop a strategy tailored for the needs of our clients. With over 200 small group medical plans to choose from, more than 100 life insurance companies each with many product options, and disability income plans with a wide range of disability definitions, our mission is to find the best match for you.

Step 03

Deliver The Solution

We take time to talk through your options and discuss the pros and cons of different strategies. We make sure the plan is delivered as it was promised, the person you worked with at your first conversation will be there every step of the way. Even more, we prioritize building great relationships with insurance company partners so when our clients need a little extra attention, we are calling on someone who knows us and the quality of our client relationships.

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