Health Insurance Tips for 2019

  1. Rates are stabilizing – For the first time in a long time; rates for some plans have started to come down for 2019. The rate reductions have been less than 5%, but that still bucks a trend of annual increases to health insurance pricing, and with inflation factored in, this becomes even more significant. The change in favorable pricing has been seen in plans with moderate to lower deductibles with slightly higher maximum out-of-pocket limits. This suggests a positive trend with access to benefits, and some form of cost sharing from the subscriber.
  2. Check for network variations – verification that preferred medical providers are covered is a primary goal when shopping for health insurance, but with the expansion of networks from many carriers, you may find savings by selecting a local or specialized network – and the savings may be more than just short term savings. Many carriers have developed Enhanced Provider Networks of doctors, clinics, and hospitals that follow are prescribed form of service delivery, and they incent services from participating providers with lower co-pays. If you don’t have preferred doctors, then selecting a local network vs national network may provide you with instant savings!
  3. Employers have more options – there were many changes in 2018 to allow greater access to health insurance. Here are just a few of the highlights:
    1. Sole-Practioners can now consider group health insurance without a W-2; some carriers will require a solely owned LLC/Corporation, others will allow a Schedule C as proof of business activity
    2. 1099 employees can now be considered for employer sponsored health insurance; certain limitations may apply
    3. Participation Requirements and Contributory Requirements are waived for employer sponsored health insurance during Open Enrollment (November 15 through December 15)

Take the stress out of shopping for health insurance, and talk to someone local who you can trust. Plan options are REGIONAL and can vary zip code to zip code which is why you want to talk to a LOCAL agent.

We want to be your guide as you evaluate the health insurance plans available to you for 2019!

Let’s set a course together for healthy living. Current plans allow preventative services with no co-pay, have no pre-existing condition limitations, and no coverage limits for benefits!

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