Benefits Broker in Herndon VirginiaDHill Financial, LLC is built on a 25 year foundation of thought leadership in the insurance marketplace.  Founded in 2016 by David Hillelsohn, the guiding principles of the founder are to be known as an insurance professional people can unequivocally trust, an adviser who continues to invest in knowledge to serve his clients, and to be known as someone who cares about others.

Our core mission is to provide current and relevant insurance counseling in an environment which fosters comfort and confidence.   We achieve that objective in two ways; first by listening and learning about what’s important to you.  This takes time as does developing trust and the right game-plan.

Secondly, we remain independent representing the leading companies in our core competencies to provide optimal solutions for our clients every time. We work together with our clients to understand areas which may need to be addressed, and then review the pros and cons of each approach to develop the optimal strategy.

Our Vision: Enhance the cohesion of families and businesses by prioritizing meeting obligations, and taking steps to ensure others know you care.

Our Preferred Client Engagement:

  1. Take time to get to know each other
  2. Build trust to create an environment for sharing
  3. Discuss areas of success – personal/business, financial
  4. Highlight existing advisory team (attorney, accountant, financial planner, other?)
  5. Identify weaknesses in current strategy/approach
  6. Suggest improvements and relate how those improvements impact current approach
  7. Review to ensure goals are achieved

We work hard to be a trusted source for personal insurance for individuals and families.

For business clients, we advise on the proper design for employee benefit programs, key-man protection, buy-sell agreements and funding, executive benefits, and safe-money savings vehicles for businesses to build value within their business.

David has been a preferred partner for insurance agents, financial planners, associations, and employers across the United States holding licenses to offer life and health insurance solutions in the majority of states – contact David for a current list.  Call us today if you’re ready to create a strong Financial Services Advisory Team working for you!

Please share your feedback, and use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.